Friday, 8 April 2011

New HoN Patch (9/4/11)

I hate it.

Firstly, the guys above (Nomad) was added. He's so overpowered it's not funny, even s2 games admit it themselves. (Video on home page of their website).

Secondly, they changed Engineers tinker skill to some kind of spider mine dropping skill. I met my first batch of mines today on a bloodhunter, they dealt so much damage it just aint cool.

Lastly, they changed many items, no more halberds. :(

This has all made me very displeased. Any hon players out there? You like the patch?

Any non hon player, you should play, it's an awesome game.

and it's eating my life.

For more info on the patch visit THIS WEBSITE

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lakkupippu the wise

This strapping young man has produced quite a ruckus of laughter on the interweb.

If you haven't seen the video of him gobbling down a licorice pipe and then pretending to be high, then.. you haven't lived.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Not particularly guilty

I got fined for speeding when i didn't even speed.

It's a bad feeling and i now potentially risk my license.

Anyone else had any trouble with the traffic authority?

I am genuinely 95% sure i didn't speed, was caught by a camera 21 Km's over the speed limit.

Also on an unrelated note, anyone ever visit

It was my favorite website as an INTERNET minor :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bug Warz

Today when driving home from university i had a very uncomfortable run in with a massive bug.

I had just finished filling up petrol when this THING (huge, black, massive stinger) lands on my cheek. My mega fast reactions slapped it right into my car, on my leg, and the next slap left it lost in my car. I was like 'meh' i'll survive.

On the road at 100kmph it started crawling all over me and flying around. Went on my face, neck , legs and even my hair. It was so fucking scary and it almost made me crash.

I pulled over to the side of a highway with my hazard lights on to do battle with this creature, but after 20 minutes i still couldn't catch/find him enough times. He endured 3 hits with a drink bottle and still survived... ~__~

I eventually braved the journey home, where i was only harassed once, and the little fucker is probably still in my car.

So round two is tomorrow morning. Wish me luck :(

Sunday, 6 March 2011

One of my best memories

I'm sure anyone with half a childhood from my generation had at least one of these.

These little toys sucked hours of my life, and were probably the funnest phase that was around.

Most my friends, and family had one, and the battling was damn intense. Although back then we were so naive to believe we could change the outcome of a battle :P

I still have three of these lingering in my room, i plan to shove some fresh life (batteries) into them soon and become reborn as a 10 year old kid.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pokemon Black and White

I'm a massive fan of pokemon games, and just a few days ago i flipped a coin to choose just which colour of the gen 5 pokemon game i would purchase.

I Pre-ordered black and i get it in a few days, i'm pretty damn excited.

Still deciding on a starting Pokemon though :P

Who else is looking forward to this gem?

Fangs up

So i found a cobra statue similar to the one above when me and two pals went on an awesome adventure, about one month ago.

We went, very drunk, to a random creepy graveyard at 3 am.

It was on top of a grave of a young man, unsure about how he died but there was many weird and mysterious stuff around it.

The statue sits right above my PC and freaks me out from time to time. Always wondering when the spirits will come and claim my life.

Would it freak you out?