Thursday, 3 March 2011

Average day

So i thought my first couple of posts will be about myself and my hobbies and habbits.

The average day for me.

I'll wake up, my morning routine consists of coffee, breakfast, a quick browse of cyberspace, perfecting my hair and picking something stupid to wear. I also don't really wear shoes a lot, they are uncomfortable.

I take a 50 minute drive to university, where i will sap up the lectures, and aimlessly ponder life with my uni pals, in the breaks.

When i get home i'll either see my female companion , or spend a comfortable night at my desk..

Which will involve some light reading about drugs/aliens, many hon matches, some quake live and some social interaction.


  1. You should post some blogs about drugs/aliens, those are 2 very interesting subjects :D

  2. what type of shoes to you wear if you have to?