Thursday, 3 March 2011


I have been making my marks all over cyberspace for nine years now. Being an immature fucker, i have had many identities and usernames.

jake -> kartoon klozet -> red_devil -> lotus -> lotus_max -> jake1991 -> jakethefurious -> furious -> phurious -> phuryous/phury

I do not have any reason for this lame shit, but i am sticking with phuryous/phury for many ions to come.

My shit is all over the Internet, such as animations/games/artwork/music/writing ; ect.

If you ever find me, have fun.

I'll leave you with a nice chiptunes song i have composed...


  1. I've had maybe.. 2 constantly used usernames my entire life

  2. I can't remember half of the screen names I've had. Looking forward to more of your stuff.

  3. I've managed to have the same two screen names since I was in middle school. Works out well, except the ease of people you used to know tracking down.

  4. sounds pretty cool, keep more like this coming :D